With more than 25 years of expreience in fluid handling and control, FLUIDEX (an Australian based company), is proud to offer its SURGEx range of solutions for hydraulic surge protection for buildings or pipelines either in small scale or large projects related to water distribution systems in large cities. FLUIDEX surge -water hammer- protection systems include surge arresters, surge relief valves and surge supression systems either operating with compressors or fitted with elastomeric bladders. FLUIDEX equipment and systems are designed based on the most up-to-date specifications for this type of equipment.


Water Hammer Protection Solutions

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Surge Arrestors

SURGEx ArrestersSURGEx range of water hammer arresters include copper piston operated arrestors and all stainless steel bellows type. All SURGEx water hammer arresters are sized in accordance with the PDI-WH201 requirements and are designed with comply with the ASSE 2010 requirements.

Surge Valves

SURGEx ValvesSURGEx range of pressure relief valves and surge anticipators are designed to protect the pipelines against the overpressure by reliefing the pressure. Sizes available are up to DN1200 (48"). Negative pressures are handled by vacuum breakers which are available.

Surge Vessels

Surge VesselsSURGEx range of surge vessels including compressor and bladder vessels with capacities up to 100,000 liters per single vessels. Surge Vessels are available for potable water, sewage water as well as process applications.